'Mote Park, a Time and a Place' is a documentary film about the Landscape, Architecture, Biodiversity and History of an area that is beloved by its locals though probably relatively unknown throughout the rest of Ireland.

This film is a record of the people who once walked its lands, those with memories to be preserved, its residents and those who enjoy the hidden treasure that is Mote Park. Situated in a forest setting just outside the Town of Roscommon (Ireland), Mote Park was the seat of the Crofton Family from the 16th century up until the 1950's. A refuge of natural beauty, it is an area that is steeped in history and is home to many species of flora and fauna.

Running Time: ~ 1 hour 16 mins.

A Mimar Media Production
Mote Park
A Time and A Place
"We chronicle some of the history of the area, introduce viewers to its vibrant, raw beauty and diverse wildlife, interview those with stories to tell and meet with the major stakeholders of its resources to ask them of their plans for Mote Park"

Martina Larkin -- Producer/Director